One thing my husband is noted for is his sense of humor and quick wit. While his quickness of wit may be waning since his Lewy Body Dementia diagnosis over a year ago, I can assure you-his sense of humor remains fully in tact! He  may not be able to always verbalize his musings, or may forget his thought mid-sentence, but the days when he is on the upswing and minimally struggling-look out! The guy can still redden the faces of the most innocent, and unsuspecting of folks (this happens to be his pride and joy)! Fair warning, this may redden even your face…this is a bit of a PG-13, or perhaps a more appropriately R rating. Let me indulge in a bit of my guy’s playful, high-spirited banter, even in the face of LBD:

Female friend complaining about menopausal hot flashes recently: “I am so darned hot, I feel like ripping off all my clothes right here!”

Art: “Wait a minute, let me get my camera!”

Art, reminiscing about the company he retired from a few years ago: “They were always encouraging us to volunteer…so I volunteered to work the mobile mammogram machine.” (They said no)

Driving down a quiet country road, my distracted, sleepy-eyed passenger lazily drolls: “There’s the reservoir for the town of___________________. I may or may not have peed in it; but you know me, when I got to go, I got to go!!”

When recently descending the treacherous steps from his doctor’s office with me on one side and his doctor assisting him on the other, my husband stopped short, stared with a look of shear disturbing alarm at the doctor, and in all apparent seriousness, cried out to her, “Wait! This isn’t going to cost extra, is it?” Her look of astonishment and inability to  say much of anything other than a barely audible mutter, “No…” was priceless. (A sideways wink let me to know he was playing us all!)

Upon telling an acquaintance that I was taking a vacation for the first time without him, the gentleman said: “Really? Who is she going with?” Art replied nonchalantly, “I don’t know! Some guy.” Silence. He loves to coerce the awkward, uncomfortable reactions…(fyi, I am NOT traveling with a guy!)

Art, walking on the arm of a lovely lady, my trusted and loyal friend, a nurse, who is gingerly lending an arm to aide my hobbling husband as he struggles to walk outside our church (he notices folks watching, in his mind, staring). Art looks a little too sweetly towards my unsuspecting friend and excitedly exclaims, with an animated,  overly zealous voice: “Hey,  I’m dating now!” Oh my. Others turn away, not sure how to react, but the three of us bust a gut laughing!!

Art, overhearing his caregiver on the phone to her husband, “I love you honey”. Art yells, “Tell him I  love him too!”. Not the sort of thing you want to hear when you are working at a prison…(her husband does).

And to our dear friend Debbie: “Blessed is she among women…” because, Art never misses an opportunity to harass this quick witted, fun-loving, jovial lady, as he knows she can take it and give it back just as soundly! Art: “Tell Wayne (her beloved husband) I am really looking forward to seeing HIM at dinner tonight…” (Let it be known that he truly does care about Debbie, and appreciates her ability to take a well-timed, well-intentioned joke). Thankfully, good friends always laugh at his irreverent, oft inappropriate antics.

This is just a snippet of our daily lives, seeking laughter at all costs!! When life isn’t fair, laugh in its face…that is how we roll here. We try not to get too down, but occasionally life’s curve ball does indeed get in the way. Perhaps in the future these times of lightheartedness will be simply a warm, distant memory to cherish. But for now, we will continue to encourage each other with nurturing levity, for as long as LBD will allow us.

“A day without laughter is a day wasted” Charlie Chaplin