January 30, 2016

As I sit and write this I am feeling overwhelmed and incredibly blessed by the caring, kindness, and generosity I have experienced from so many of you! Over the past few weeks I have been hit with a nasty upper respiratory infection that has left me feeling lethargic and exceedingly less than enthusiastic about my duties as an LBD caregiver. The thought of forcing myself to get up from the welcome warmth of my comfy sofa  and attempt to produce a home cooked meal was nothing short of abhorrent to me. I lacked the stamina to stand and deal with chopping,  sautéing, baking, and throwing together the ingredients to create a delectable dinner. I was down for the count, not wanting, or knowing how I could continue to do everything that was needed on a daily basis  for my now physically,  emotionally, and intellectually challenged partner. Grouch became my middle name.

Since this time, the outpouring of love and support for us both has been unfathomable! Here is what we have been blessed with:

My wonderful colleagues have sent the following:

  • We have received an array of  restaurant gift cards, all places we love to eat!
  • Prepared meals from a highly sought after caterer (I used this particular caterer for graduation parties and a rehearsal dinner in the past)
  • Cards and encouraging messages to keep me going!

My snow plow guy (a family supported business) sent me the following text after I inquired as to the whereabouts of my last two bills:

  • “No charges, covered by the three eagle scouts in our house. Do a good turn daily.”
  • They not only plow my oddly shaped driveway (a bit of a challenge to park straight in, let alone plow), but have also begun to shovel our walkway since my husband fell in his tub during December. Who does that anymore? Oh wait…our guys do!!

My relatively new car (2016) received some minor body damage as I backed into my friend’s car (yes I have a back-up cam…remember my oddly shaped driveway?)  which escalated into a major auto repair bill  (hello, insurance I never use….used them this time!)

  • Conveniently, I discovered my insurance company offers door to door service for  damaged autos (does not matter if they are drivable, and mine definitely was drivable).
  • My auto repair shop came to my house, picked up the vehicle, fixed it, and returned it a few days later. Since I am the only driver, this was a phenomenal bonus!
  • I had accumulated “good driver points” and my standard $500 deductible fee was dropped to $250. I’ll take it!
  • The auto repair company waived my out of pocket deductible fee…and I paid nothing. I was speechless. Again, I will take it!
  • My RAV4 was not only repaired perfectly, but the auto repair shop washed, waxed, and vacuumed my vehicle, essentially giving it the appearance of coming right off the assembly line.

My amazing church family has sent me dinners now for a couple of weeks!

  • Blessed with delicious home cooked meals, and delightful visits from these sweet ladies of mercy!!

Notes, emails, texts, visits, etc…

  • Too many to mention here, but we are inundated with folks praying and sending warm wishes our way! We gladly accept all positive things offered !
  • We are enjoying visits from old friends that we have  not seen for a while, as well as a resurgence of visits from rarely seen, but  dearly loved,  extended family members.

Offers and help with housecleaning

  • Friends have offered and helped me clean my home! What a heartfelt gift of compassion!
  • A friend has offered her cleaning lady-what a treat to be able to contemplate this one!!

Lastly, my children (included as my children are my two lovely daughter’s-in-law) honored   me with a surprise 60th birthday party recently! Seriously, I was stunned and amazed!

  • Twenty folks (grandkids included) surrounded me with love as I excitedly embraced  each one!
  • Brunch is our family’s favorite meal to enjoy-so the fact that it was a birthday brunch gathering  was an incredibly perfect way  to celebrate my 60th surprise party!
  • Our friend Wayne hung out at home with Art, who was not up for going out that day. What a relief to know he was well cared for and I was free to just relax and have fun!
  • I was showered with gifts by my many friends in attendance-once again, gift cards for dinners, personal products that they know I love, a beautiful sweater-thank you to my lovely, thoughtful friends.

I feel incredibly uplifted…God is good, and so are His people. Just wanted to share!